MATCH-APT by AdeptSoft

Family Registration

Online Registration for Parents and Players

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Individual Online registration is an optional module to allow parents to register children/players to a club.
Parents have the option of paying by MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit cards, or by check/cash directly to the club.
Parents can also upload pictures and documents required for league registration, sign Club/Region/USAR waivers online, and purchase club merchandise.

The club administrator can then bulk register all paid players to the local and national bodies.

The advantages to the club are many:

  • No data entry is needed by club registrars.
  • The use of paper forms is reduced. Waivers on paper may still be required for non online registrations, but can scanned and uploaded into the system.
  • All payments can be tracked by invoice #.
  • Funds are immediately available to the club and can be used for bulk registrations payments, or transferred to the club bank account (similar to how Paypal works).

Zero Cost to the Club

The parent pays for the Credit Card handling fee, and the club receives the full amount of the registration. The fee is only 3.5% of the total invoice rounded up to the nearest $0.25.

The Credit Card handling fee compares favorably to companies like Paypal, who charge 2.9% plus a $0.35 transaction fee.

Parent Amy Smith registers child Charlie Smith (age 16) to the Morenica Youth Rugby Club.
Charlie's fees are $300 (club fees include local and national body fees).
Amy Smith purchases:

  • $300 - Charlie Smith club dues
  • $60 - 2 pair Shorts and socks (shorts $20 each, socks $10 each)
  • $60 - 2 Polo Shirts ($30 each)
  • $80 - Playing Jersey ($80 each)
The net value is $500, plus the 3.5% Credit Card fee for a total of $517.50. Amy then uses her Visa card to pay.

Pay by cash or check

A club has the option of allowing the parent to pay by cash or check. When the amount is received the club administrator simply checks 'paid' on the invoice, or deducts any partial payment on the invoice. The club can decide whether or not to collect the full amount of the invoice (including fees). Adeptsoft charges $2 for non credit card registrations, and this fee is collected when the player is Bulk Registered.